Rhema. Рема

Rhema publishes papers in all research area of philology and linguistics. Priority is given to the works based on a clear system of terms and linguistic/philological analysis combining a broad theoretical approach with an analysis of linguistic phenomena (for works on linguistics) and texts (for works on textology).

The editorial board bases its decisions on double-blind reviewing by two independent specialists (in case of disagreement between them a third reader is asked to evaluate the work). The following criteria are taken into consideration:

1. Originality
The paper should contain new results by the author. No reprint of one’s own older works is allowed.

2. Empirical data
Theoretical conclusions should follow from the linguistic / philological analysis of the data.

3. Familiarity with the scholarly literature in the given area
The paper should demonstrate the author’s awareness of the main works relevant to the question under discussion. The survey of literature and the critical analysis should highlight the place of the problem under discussion within the framework of a broad theoretical context and the relevance of the results obtained by the author.

4. Overall adequacy
The paper should be logically non-contradictory and have an adequate structure.

No author fees. No publication fees.

For formatting see the link below. The editorial board can refuse evaluation of the works violating the rules.

Formatting rules