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“Rhema” is an open access periodical specializing in linguistics and philology. It is included in the list of the leading peer-reviewed scholarly journals the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation recommends to PhD candidates and those working for their habilitation who wish to publish the results of their research. The journal is indexed in the National Russian Science Index (eLIBRARY.ru), the Ulrich's Periodicals Directory and included in the list of resources acknowledged by the Slavic Linguistics Society (SLS). “Rhema” has three thematic sections: “Linguistics”, “Philology and Textology” and “Methodology”.

The editor-in-chief of the journal is Anton Zimmerling, academic director at the Institute of Modern Linguistics at the Moscow State University of Education and leading fellow in the Typology Department of the Institute of Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The journal's mission consists of the following:

  • To support the work that combine the methods of modern research with the traditional linguistic and philological attention to detail.
  • To publish the most important discussions in philology and materials presenting the use of exact methods in the humanities.
  • To ensure exchange among various theoretical viewpoints and research schools in Russian and foreign linguistics and literary scholarship.
  • To offer a permanent forum for a broad discussion of the cutting-edge problems of philological and linguistic education.

The editorial board is guided by the principles of scholarly integrity, objectivity, professionalism, the informational support of fundamental and applied scholarship, and the norms of publishing ethics. All the submissions to Rhema go through the process of double-blind reviewing. We guarantee the independence, objectivity, and professionalism of our readers. The languages of the journal are Russian and English.

The areas represented in the journal are as follows:

  • philology (10.01.01, 10.01.08, 10.02.01, 10.02.19, 10.02.20, 10.02.21);
  • pedagogy (13.00.02) (Under this heading, we accept only papers on the teaching of literature, Russian, and foreign languages.)

We aim at reaching Russian and foreign specialists in the above-mentioned areas; researchers, faculty, those working for their habilitations, graduate students, and students at Russian and foreign universities and colleges, school teachers.

ISSN 2500-2953

The mass media registration certificate # ФС 77 — 63323 granted 09.10.2015

The journal is published four times per year and contains 120 pages.

Subscription index 65062 in the catalogue “Publications of the bodies of scientific and technical information” of the “Rospechat” agency.